The R-Car S4 Whitebox SDK is an integrated development platform that accelerates the development of connected services applications.

All software is provided as an all-in-one package under a Free of Charge (FoC) license, which facilitates testing and can be widely used in advanced development. In addition, since the software is mainly open source(*), users are free to modify the source code as they wish. It can also be replaced with software solutions from the R-Car Consortium (RCC) partner ecosystem of over 255 companies.

It also includes a tool that provides visibility into hardware resource usage, allowing easy functional testing and prototyping of the central gateway.

(*)TOPPERS/ATK2 and Trampoline OS are software based on the AUTOSAR specification, and these source code are published on GitHub. If you plan to use these software for commercial purposes, please comply with the terms of use of AUTOSAR and the developer community.

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  • All software is provided under a FoC license for easy testing
  • This is replaceable with rich software solutions from the RCC partner ecosystem of over 255 companies
  • R-Car S4 Whitebox SDK provides the OS/framework layer, allowing users to focus on developing value-added applications for the product
  • Provides experience through sample applications for various use cases
  • All software are customizable as it consists mainly of open source.
  • Hypervisor support for MCUs
  • RTOS based on AUTOSAR specifications


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