This is an Emulation Adapter for RH850 Family. Using with the separately available exchange adapter, it enables emulation of the target MCU you are using.


  • Connecting an emulator which supports Aurora tracing Note, such as the IE850A emulator from Renesas, to the emulation adapter enables debugging with the use of a tracing facility.
  • Using the attached 34-pin to 14-pin conversion connector enables connection of the E2 emulator from Renesas.
  • The combination of the emulation adapter connected to the base board included in the package is usable as an evaluation board for the target MCU.


  1. Aurora is a high-speed communications protocol from Xilinx Inc. but is not supported by the E2 emulator.

Target Devices


Type Title Date
Manual - Development Tools PDF 1.99 MB 日本語
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Additional Details


Emulator supportedE2、IE850A、various emulators from Renesas Partners
Target MCUsRH850/U2A16, RH850/U2A8, RH850/U2A6
User system connectionConnected to the connecter mounted on the foot pattern of the MCU via an adapter.
External dimensionsEmulation adapter:47mm×47mm
Base board:100mm×120mm
WeightEmulation adapter:20g
Base board:72g
Conformance with overseas standardsEU:EN55032 Class A, EN55024
USA:FCC part 15 Class A


  • Emulation adapter
  • Base board
  • 34-pin to 14-pin conversion adapter
  • Power-supply cable

Connecting the Emulation Adapter to a User System

Connecting the Emulation Adapter to a User System

When designing a user system refer to the following descriptions in the Emulation Adapter for the RH850/U2A User's Manual (PDF | English, 日本語) Emulation Adapter for the RH850/U2A.

  • External dimension
  • The specifications of the exchange adapters

For other optional products than the emulation adapter, refer to the users manual.

Connecting the Emulation Adapter as an Evaluation Board

Connecting the Emulation Adapter as an Evaluation Board