HS0005KCU14H is the E10A-USB emulator for the Multi-core MCUs of SuperH RISC engine Family and supports the synchronizing debugging function. [Learn More]

Important: See here about details of Target Devices

Release Information

The Emulator Software for the E10A-USB Emulator

Target Devices

Additional Details


Item Description
Target devices SH7205, SH7265 SH7786, SH7776 (SH-Navi Ⅲ)
Maximum operating frequency Maximum operating frequency of the target devices
Supply voltage Within the supply voltage of the target devices
Software Break 255 points for each core
Hardware Break 10 points (using UBC module)
Trace Build-In Trace : 1024 cycles
(Each core has 512 cycles.)
Build-In Trace : 60 sets of
branch source and destination
AUD Trace : Max. 128K events
(In case of acquiring only branch trace info, 64K in max is available.)
Acquiring information :
Branch trace /Memory access trace / Data trace Note1
(Conditions are available to be set by CPU.)
PC interface USB1.1 full-speed (USB2.0 is also available)
Operating environment Windows® XP
Windows Vista® (32- -bit versions)
Windows® 7 (32- and 64-bit versions)
User I/F
  • 38-pin Mictor connector (2-5767004-2 : Tyco Electronics Corporation) with AUD function
  • 14-pin connector (7614-6002 : 3M Co., Ltd.) without AUD function
Dimensions (mm) 68.0 ×101.5 ×22.7
International standard Applied (FCC standards, CE marking)

Note1: Some target devices are not supported.


  • E10A USB main unit - HS0005KCU14H
  • 14-way cable for H-UDI connection
  • 38-way cable for Mictor connector
  • USB cable(1.5m)
  • Installation CD incorporating:
    • High-performance Embedded Workshop integrated development environment with the E10A-USB debugger component
    • All device addition options

    Note that the compiler software is not included.

Target Devices

Family CPU Core Series Group/ Part No.
SuperH SH4A-MULTI SH7780 SH7786
- SH7776 (SH-Navi III)
SH2A-DUAL SH7200 SH7205
SH7260 SH7265