The HS0005KCU01H is the E10A-USB emulator for the H-UDI Interface and an on-chip debugging emulator which utilizes H-UDI interface of the target device. The product does not support AUD trace functionality and is available at a lower price than the HS0005KCU02H which supports AUD. [Learn More]

Important: See here about details of Target Devices

Release Information

The Emulator Software for the E10A-USB Emulator

Target Devices



Design & Development

Sample Code

Additional Details

Specifications (Common in HS0005KCU01H/HS0005KCU02H)

Item Description
Break function
  • Hardware Break: from 2 to 10 points (differ by products)
  • Software Break : 255 points
  • Force Break
Trace function
  • Trace cycle: maximum 64K branches (differ by products)
  • Trace contents
    • Branch trace function
    • Memory access trace function
    • Data trace function (differ by products)
  • Filtering of display contents (Branch classify, Memory range, etc.)
  • Filtering of trace contents (Specific address/data, Function call, etc.)
  • Source supplement between branch trace (differ by products)
Memory access
  • Instant watch (during break)
  • Watch (update in execute)
  • RAM monitor (Read/Write) (differ by products)
  • Graphical display
(differ by products)
  • Measure event number (available measure event number for few types)
    • Number of Cache misses
    • Number of interrupt
    • Number of instruction fetch
  • Measure cycle (available measure cycle number)
    • Process cycle
    • CPU stall cycle
  • Function performance
    • Display process time for each function and function tree
    • Display each function accumulated
User Interface
  • 14-way connector -supplied with both types of E10A-USB to support H-UDI functions (Type: 2514-6002: [3M Co., Ltd.])
  • 36-way connector -HS0005KCU02H only supporting AUD Trace functions (Type: DX10M-36S: [Hirose Electric Co., Ltd.]) (Use AUD function)
Target host PC (OS) Operating Environments of Products
E10A-USB dimensions 97mm (L) × 65mm (W) × 22mm (H)
Overseas standard
  • European Standards: EN 55022 Class A, EN 55024
  • US FCC Standard: FCC part 15 Class A


  • E10A USB main unit - HS0005KCU01H
  • 14-way cable for H-UDI connection *Available for purchase in single unit.

    For the purchase in single unit, refer to E10A-USB Optional Products.

  • USB cable(1.5m)
  • Installation CD incorporating:
    • High-performance Embedded Workshop integrated development environment with the E10A-USB debugger component
    • All device addition options

    Note that the compiler software is not included. Refer to  the Software Component List (HS0005KCU01H/HS0005KCU02H) for more details.

Optional Products

Design support

E10A-USB HS0005KCU01H for H-UDI Interface Information for Users

Target Devices (Common in HS0005KCU01H/HS0005KCU02H)

For the details, see Target Device for E10A-USB(HS0005KCU01H/HS0005KCU02H) (PDF | English, 日本語)