The cycle-accurate simulator for RH850 is the instruction simulator to allow you to measure execution times with accuracy close to times on the actual machine through the use of a PC environment alone.

Verify operation by using the simulator set up for cycle accuracy interlinked with the Embedded Target for RH850 Multicore. You can also use the simulator in advance evaluation of the performance of an RH850 device even in an environment with neither the actual machine nor an emulator.


  • Simulation of the operation of the CPU in access to the various types of memory in consideration of the access latencies
  • Simulation of the basic functions of certain peripheral modules
    Note:This is available for the following peripheral functions that the target devices support.
    • Interrupt controller (INTC1)
    • Inter-processor interrupts (IPIR)
    • Exclusive control register (MEV)
    • OS timer (in interval timer mode)
  • Generation of pseudo-interrupts with the use of a Python function
  • Simulation of the running of executable files produced by compilers from Renesas (CC-RH) and Green Hills Software, LLC.
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Target Devices


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Additional Details

Form of Provision

A setting file and a license key are provided as follows for each supported series (the simulator does not cover all devices in the series).

  1. Information file for cycle accuracy: This is a file of settings for running the CS+ instruction simulator for RH850 with cycle accuracy. We provide it in an installer format.
  2. License key: The product is provided with a node-locked license with a one-year or three-month expiry period.

The CS+ simulator performs as a cycle-accurate simulator when the license key is registered with the license manager after installing the information file for cycle accuracy on the PC on which the CS+ integrated development environment has been installed.

Unless the above situation is set up, the simulator continues to perform as an instruction simulator which is not cycle-accurate.

Image of Cycle-Accurate Simulator for RH850

Product details

Contact your local Renesas Electronics marketing office or distributor if you wish to introduce or obtain detailed information on these tools.

Target Devices

Series Applicable MCU (Note1) Status
RH850/C1x RH850/C1HRH850/C1M-A1RH850/C1M-A2 Yes
RH850/E1x RH850/E1M-S2 (Note2) Please contact us.
RH850/E2x RH850/E2M, RH850/E2UH, RH850/E2H Yes
RH850/F1x RH850/F1K, RH850/F1KH-D8RH850/F1KM-S4 Yes
RH850/P1x RH850/P1H-C, RH850/P1M, RH850/P1M-C, RH850/P1M-E Yes
RH850/U2x RH850/U2B6, RH850/U2B10 Yes
  1. Please contact us to find out for which products of the series we offer support for cycle-accurate simulation.
  2. For these multi-core devices, cycle-accurate simulation is only of the main CPU.