This product is a C/C++ compiler package for M32R Family MCU. The powerful optimizations offer the ultimate in execution speed and code efficiency, and the utilities increase productivity. Furthermore, the MISRA C Rule Checker can also be purchased separately. It will help you write high-quality C source code.

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Release Information

Latest Ver.: V.5.01 Release 01

Released: May 1,2009

Details of upgrade (See Tool News)

Operating Environment

Standard life cycle of Compilers (PDF | English, 日本語)

Target Devices


Additional Details


  • C/C++ Compiler: cc32R
  • Assembler: as32R
  • Linker: lnk32R
  • Librarian: lib32R
  • Load module converter: lmc32R
  • Map generator: map32R
  • C standard libraries: m32RcR.lib etc.
  • C standard libraries' source files
  • Absolute listing utility: abslist (Note1)
  • Stack size calculation utility: stk32R (Note1)
  • MAP viewer: MapViewer
  • Debug information discarding utility: strip32R (Note1)
  • PDF manual
  • Simulator debugger
  • Integrated development environment (IDE) High-performance Embedded Workshop


  1. Utilities, abslist, stk32R and strip32R are unsupported.
  2. The C source merge utility, cmerge is not included in V.4.20 Release 1 and later.

Processing Flow

C/C++ compiler: cc32R
Optimizing ANSI C and ISO C++ compiler with extensions for embedded systems.
Assembler: as32R
Produces object code for the target MCU from assembly language source files.
Simulator debugger: M3T-PD32RSIM
Provides source level debugging capability in targetless system-level.
IDE (Integrated development environment): HEW (High-performance Embedded Workshop)
Provides seamless integration and easy access to all tools for coding, compiling, assembling, and debugging. It greatly increases productivity.