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Phoenix is Globallogic’s hypervisor-based Digital Cockpit solution accelerator. It is based on the proven OSS technologies and supports a wide variety of the automotive use-cases used in a modern integrated Digital Cockpit solutions. Those include, but are not limited to feature rich AAOS based IVI, fully digital instrument cluster along with safety island functionality to ensure functional safety requirements, display sharing between hypervisor domains, integration with TCU and HUD components, etc.. The solution has been used in several production programs and helped to reduce both, the development effort and time to market.


  • Single SoC solution for Integrated Digital Cockpit solution
  • OSS : Xen, Linux, Android O/P/Q (latest versions continuously integrated and supported)
  • HW: Renesas Gen3/Gen3e SoC
  • ASIL-B rated RTOS for Automotive mission-critical tasks running on Safety Island
  • Android VM for Infotainment
  • Ultra fast boot – less than 15 seconds from cold start until full operational mode
  • Reliable and secure Android AOSP and Tizen IVI VMs
  • Early RVC availability – <2 sec after cold boot
  • Secure communication between VM and safety island
  • ARM TrustZone support




  • Integrated Automotive Cockpit
  • Virtualized Instrumental Cluster & IVI

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