This Sub-GHz Wireless Communication Evaluation Kit is compliant to Europe CE/UKCA, and includes a Renesas Sub-GHz wireless connectivity IC (R9A06G062GNP) and a Renesas RX65N microcontroller. Renesas can support Wi-SUN FAN1.1 with FSK and OFDM modulation, multi-hop communication, and mesh network topology. It is suitable for smart meter, smart city, digital signage, monitoring system, etc.

*Wi-SUN FAN: Wireless Smart Utility Network for Field Area Network profile


  • Standard/Regulation
    • IEEE802.15.4-2020
    • EN 300 220
    • *Please ask Renesas regarding EN 303 204.
  • Frequency band
    • 863-870 MHz
    • *Please ask Renesas regarding 870-876MHz band.
  • Data rate
    • 50/100 kbps (FSK)
    • 300 kbps (OFDM)
  • Transmit output power
    • +14dBm e.r.p. (FSK, m=0.5, 50kbps)
    • +14dBm e.r.p. (FSK, m=0.5, 100kbps)
    • +14dBm e.r.p. (OFDM, option4, MCS6, 300kbps)
  • Minimum reception sensitivity(PER<10%, for 250Byte)
    • -110dBm (FSK, m=0.5, 50kbps)
    • -108dBm (FSK, m=0.5, 100kbps)
    • -106dBm (OFDM, option4, MCS6, 300kbps)



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Software & Tools

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Sub-GHz/Wi-SUN Protocol Stack
Software stack for Sub-GHz/Wi-SUN wireless network applications
Protocol Stack Renesas
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