Innovative NFC for Security, Power, and IoT

Renesas' ground-breaking Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and products have been developed since 2014, targeting the most demanding applications in high-growth markets such as NFC wireless charging, mobile, and point of sale (PoS). Manufacturers of the latest mobile and wearable devices are keen to replace wired charger connections with wireless charging, because of its convenience, design flexibility and reliability benefits. From passport control kiosks to consumer goods, from gaming consoles to check-in counters, from printers in your office to manufacturing automation, from small mobile Point of Sale terminals to Smart PoS – NFC is an inseparable part of your daily experience.

IoT and PoS Market

Brand authentication, contactless payment, fast pairing, and access control are made possible with Renesas' NFC products.

Solutions for IoT/PoS Reader

NFC Wireless Charging Market

Renesas' NFC wireless charging products help achieve a small antenna size and high tolerance of antenna misalignment.

Solutions for Wireless Charging


About Our Technology

Sine Wave Architecture

Renesas' transmitter directly outputs a pure sine wave eliminating the need for external EMC and most matching components resulting in a significant improvement in terms of NFC interoperability.

Direct Antenna Connection

The NFC antenna is directly connected to the transmitter output for full control of modulation shape, this direct sensing of the antenna signal allows much higher sensitivity than conventional NFC front ends.

Split Stack Architecture

Renesas' NFC controller runs all-time critical NFC commands on the embedded hardware accelerator, relaxing the host MCU and simplifying the software integration.

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Innovative Renesas NFC Reader Portfolio

Experience the future of NFC technology with Renesas NFC Readers. Say goodbye to cumbersome EMC filters and intricate matching components, as our cutting-edge technology paves the way for seamless integration and sleek, space-efficient designs.