The PTX130W is a powerful and efficient NFC transmitter system-on-chip for NFC wireless charging applications alongside data communication. PTX130W features improved key performance parameters such as output power and RX sensitivity (-80dBc ). While eliminating EMC filter and matching components the PTX130W enables simple integration and compact design without the complexity associated with existing solutions (dual resonating circuits composed by EMC filter and antenna). The superior RF performance of PTX130W enables small antenna design, fast charging and allows flexible placement of Poller and Listener antennas.


  • Allows harvesting up to 1W on the NFC WLC Listener
  • No EMC filter requirement due to sinewave output driver and Direct Antenna Connection (DiRAC) 
  • Automated Power Control Loop for system efficiency optimization
  • Output power regulation with 1% step
  • NFC Forum WLC Poller functionalities
  • NFC Data exchange with   
  • Impedance change detection for FOD
  • On-Chip processing of time critical commands




  • Smart rings
  • Smart glasses
  • Fitness trackers
  • Smart watches
  • Medical devices
  • Headsets


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