The DA14695MOD-00F1DB-P is a daughterboard for use with either the DA14695-00HQDEVKT-P or DA14695MOD-00DEVKT-P. The daughterboard can be easily attached to the motherboard of either of the Pro Development Kits. The daughterboard contains a DA14695MOD a feature-rich Bluetooth LE 5.2 device with an integrated USB charger, suitable for a wide range of applications.


  • Flexible battery options
  • Headers for I/O monitoring and expandability
  • Option to support Arduino shields
  • Option to support MikroBUS click boards
  • Provisions for automated test
  • On-board basic peripherals for demo and development
  • JTAG debugger and connectivity to PC
  • DA1469x silicon easily replaceable on a daughterboard core module



  • Fitness trackers
  • Sport watches
  • Toys
  • Consumer appliances
  • Home automation
  • Industrial automation
  • Voice-controlled remote controls
  • Access control
  • Game controllers and headsets


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Manual - Development Tools
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Design & Development

Software & Tools

Software & Tools

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SmartBond™ emWin support for DA1469x
The emWin embedded graphics library developed by SEGGER Microcontroller is now offered with the SmartBond® DA1469x wireless microcontrollers.
Imaging Renesas
SmartBond™ Development Tools
SmartSnippets™ Studio is a royalty-free software development platform for SmartBond™ devices.
Software Package Renesas
SmartBond™ Flash Programmer
The Renesas SmartBond™ Flash Programmer tool lets the user program a flash device for the DA1453x, DA14585/586, and DA1469x SoCs (System on Chip).
Software Package Renesas
Renesas Bluetooth® Low Energy Mobile Application Suite
Renesas’ comprehensive collection of Bluetooth® Low Energy mobile applications: SmartBond, SmartConfig, SmartConsole, SmartTags, and SUOTA
Software Package Renesas
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