The DA14592-016FDEVKT-P Bluetooth Low Energy Development Kit Pro includes a motherboard, daughterboard, and cables. This kit is specifically designed for software application development and power measurements.

DA14592 is a dual-core Bluetooth 5.2 SoC with 256kB of embedded Flash that operates at ultra-low power levels providing world-class RF performance. DA14592 is available in both FCQFN and WLCSP packages.


  • Motherboard, SoC daughterboard, USB cable, and Quick Start Guide
  • Easily attached/detached daughterboards
  • Integrated power measurement module
  • Can be powered from a USB power bank
  • DC/DC buck or LDO mode operation
  • MikroBUS & PMOD headers
  • SEGGER J-Link debugger



  • Crowdsourced location tracking
  • Asset tracking
  • Connected health
  • Human interface device
  • Activity tracker
  • Toys
  • Data logger
  • PoS reader
  • Metering
  • High-end voice RCU
  • IoT end node


Type Title Date
Manual - Development Tools PDF 6.24 MB
Manual - Development Tools
Schematic PDF 613 KB
Schematic PDF 2.09 MB
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Software Downloads

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Software & Tools - Software ZIP 15.52 MB
PCB Design Files ZIP 2.45 MB
PCB Design Files ZIP 7.82 MB
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