The HA-5002/883 is a monolithic, wideband, high slew rate, high output current, buffer amplifier. Utilizing the advantages of the Harris Dielectric Isolation technologies, the HA-5002/883 current buffer offers 1300V/µs slew rate typically and 1000V/µs minimum with 110MHz of bandwidth. The ±100mA minimum output current capability is enhanced by a 3Ω output impedance. The monolithic HA-5002/883 will replace the hybrid LH0002 with corresponding performance increases. These characteristics range from the 3MΩ (typ) input impedance to the increased output voltage swing. Monolithic design technologies have allowed a more precise buffer to be developed with more than an order of magnitude smaller gain error. The voltage gain is 0. 98 guaranteed minimum with a 1kΩ load and 0. 96 minimum with a 100Ω load. The HA-5002/883 will provide many present hybrid users with a higher degree of reliability and at the same time increase overall circuit performance.


  • This Circuit is Processed in Accordance to MIL-STD- 883 and is Fully Conformant Under the Provisions of Paragraph 1.2.1.
  • Voltage Gain (RL = 1kΩ ) 0.98 (Min), 0.995 (Typ), (RL = 100Ω ) 0.96 (Min), 0.971 (Typ)
  • High Input Impedance 1.5MΩ (Min), 3MΩ (Typ)
  • Low Output Impedance 5Ω (Max), 3Ω (Typ)
  • Very High Slew Rate 1000V/µs (Min), 1300V/µs (Typ)
  • Wide Small Signal Bandwidth 110MHz (Typ)
  • High Output Current 100mA (Min)
  • High Pulsed Output Current 400mA (Max)
  • Monolithic Dielectric Isolation Construction
  • Replaces Hybrid LH0002




  • Line Driver
  • Data Acquisition
  • 110MHz Buffer
  • High Power Current Booster
  • High Power Current Source
  • Sample and Holds
  • Radar Cable Driver
  • Video Products


Design & Development