The QCIOT-MOTIONPOCZ board is an analog motion sensor that can detect motion from up to two meters away by using a passive infrared (PIR) sensor.

The sensor is connected to a bandpass filter using the SLG88103 operational amplifier to condition and filter the signal. The amplified condition signal is connected to the analog pin of the MCU to determine the strength and distance of motion. The signal also connects to nanopower comparators that form a window comparison to be used to wake up an MCU or system at motion detection.

The solution can be powered by either connecting an MCU board or with an external connection. The external regulator supports powering the MCU and other connecting solutions. This solution supports the QuickConnect IoT (QCIOT) ecosystem. Other solutions can be daisy chained.


  • Operating voltage: 5V to 16V
  • Sensor current: ~13µA
  • Operational current: ~19µA
  • Always on autonomous operation




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