1. Carry out advanced development using FPGA(Field Programmable Gate Array)

Implementation of Renesas Soft macro IPs on FPGAs makes it possible to develop PoC and early and preliminary system evaluation including software.
You can even go to mass production with the FPGA, which makes it possible to flexibly change specifications and add functions.
We have realized FPGA microcontrollers which supports analog input and output using FPGA resources and external devices.
If you already use FPGAs and microcontrollers, you can integrate their functions in a single FPGA on which processor IP is implemented.
You can easily move your functions from FPGA devices to Renesas general-purpose products using the same IP.

2. Develop original devices ( custom chips ) in a short period

The functions of the system to be developed are becoming more complex and sophisticated, and the LSIs controlling them are also required to be specialized and individually adapted for their functions and operations. These increase needs for original devices instead of general-purpose devices for the LSIs.
We provide packaged IP solutions. You can concentrate on your own IPs that realize your individual or specialized functions, and develop high quality original devices in a short turnaround time.
Customers unfamiliar with IPs or LSI development can use supports of Renesas IP license partners in developing their original devices.
Renesas IP product seminars provide useful knowledge and know-how for LSI development other than IP's functions and usages.

3. Leverage existing software assets

Customers can use the same software as the Renesas general-purpose device with the Renesas IPs in user's original devices (custom LSIs). It makes shorten the development time.
Driver software for digital IPs and interface IPs can be easily reused with processor IPs. Customer's software can be reused with the IP that has the same register interface as the Renesas devices they are using. They can also use driver software for Renesas devices.
They can use a combination of proven hardware (IP) and software. So, they can shorten development time even for custom LSIs for large-scale systems.
The existing assembler programs can be executed with the same processor IP as one that they used or upward compatible IP.


4.Develop innovative systems

Customers can use Renesas general-purpose devices or IPs for general-purpose functions other than user's new or original functions. They can accelerate their development with development environments, software, supports, etc. for Renesas devices.
It is possible to smooth transit with the development progress among PoC development with Renesas device combination, 1-chip prototype with an FPGA, mass production with an ASIC.


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