The SLG7EVBFORGE ForgeFPGA evaluation board is a compact, easy-to-use, USB-powered hardware tool that provides SLG47910V 1K lookup table (LUT) ForgeFPGA IC hardware support for design emulation, programming, and real-time testing. The evaluation board is controlled by Renesas' Go Configure™ Software Hub with emulation, VDDC/VDDIO regulation, IC programming, and internal UART terminal options.

The SLG47910V ForgeFPGA combines a robust and well-sorted feature set with low power consumption, low price, and free, easy-to-use development software, opening the door to low-density FPGA development.


  • USB-C connection to computer
  • Configurable VDD and VDDIO power sources
  • Design emulation and programming ability
  • 2x Pmod™ connectors
  • Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) socket allows for fast, easy removal, and replacement of SLG47910V silicon. Useful for programming and testing individual parts



  • Sensor data aggregation and pipelining
  • Protocol conversion
  • Glue logic and edge processing
  • Advanced power sequencing


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Manual - Hardware PDF 1.05 MB
Manual - Hardware PDF 538 KB
Manual - Software PDF 1.45 MB
Quick Start Guide PDF 277 KB
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Design & Development

Software & Tools

Software & Tools

Software title
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Go Configure™ Software Hub
Go Configure Software Hub provides development support for a variety of products, including GreenPAK configurable mixed signal matrix and ForgeFPGA™ devices.
Software Package Renesas
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SLG47910V ForgeFPGA Low-density FPGA Overview
The SLG47910V ForgeFPGA offers industry-leading cost, size, and ultra-low power consumption, with free development software.