P9261-3C-CRBv2 is a 2nd generation Automotive Customer Reference Design (P9261-3C-CRBv2 EVK) which demonstrates not only wireless charging functionality of WPC Qi 1.3 certified EPP (Extended Power Profile) 15W but also proprietary 50W power delivery. This reference design also demonstrates function safety features for in-vehicle wireless charging station. This kit includes the automotive-qualified P9261 as the wireless power transmitter (TX) with MP-A13 3-Coils topology which offers a large active charging area with high efficiency and exceptional EMC/EMI performance. This reference design also supports latest phone models in fast charging modes.

This reference design includes a Renesas RH850 automotive MCU as host controller which enables the system functional safety features for compliance with Automotive Safety Integrity Level B (ASIL-B).

This reference design can be controlled and monitored real-time by a graphical user interface (GUI) running on the user’s PC via either PCAN or USB-to-I2C adapter. This GUI provides numerical readouts of key parameters, such as the selected coil, transmitter status, input voltage, buck output current, Tx power, and bridge voltage. The GUI enables easy programming changes and can also update the FW via the “save to hex file” feature. It also supports tuning customer-specific variables related to hardware design, such as settings for foreign object detection (FOD) and Q-Factor.


  • Compliance to WPC Qi 1.3 EPP Power Profile (EPP 15W with MP-A13).
  • Ture Automotive Wireless Power System Reference Design supports FuSa ASIL-B.
  • Compliance to Automotive EMC CISPR-25
  • Support Proprietary 50W Power Delivery
  • Support Renesas patented QFOD detection
  • AEC-Q100 Grade 2 automotive-qualified solution



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