Qi Wireless Power for Inductive Charging Solutions

Renesas offers the industry’s most integrated and advanced PMA and Qi wireless charging solutions for inductive charger applications (also known as electromagnetic induction or direct induction). Inductive power solutions transfer power between two coils that are placed in close proximity to each other, but that can be separated by non-interfering materials such as a plastic mobile phone enclosure or wooden table top. This technology facilitates the ubiquitous deployment of inductive charging “hot spots,” enabling consumers to charge their devices by simply placing them on a surface.

Qi Standard or PMA Standard… Renesas has Dual-mode!

In 2013, Renesas captivated the inductive charging market by announcing the industry’s first dual-mode wireless power receiver IC compatible with both the Qi and PMA standards. The innovative inductive charger solution bridged the technology gap between competing transmission standards, empowering mobile device and accessory OEMs to use a single bill of materials (BOM) to support both standards.

Today, Renesas offers dual-mode solutions compliant to the latest PMA and Qi standards. The devices consolidate multiple functions with high efficiency to minimize application footprint, component count, and thermal dissipation. The new wireless power receivers support all WPC and PMA receiver coils, as well as proprietary and PCB-based coils for maximum versatility.

Inductive Chargers Require Small Form Factors

To meet the demands of ultra-compact mobile form factors, Renesas introduced the world’s first true single-chip wireless power transmitter IC and the industry’s first multi-mode-capable single-chip wireless power receiver IC. The highly integrated Qi wireless power solutions significantly reduce board footprint and BOM cost compared to other solutions, making them ideal for a wide range of applications, including smart phones, tablets, sleeves, and other accessories.

In addition, many of Renesass products are capable of switching in a proprietary mode of operation, offering added features, improved safety, and increased power output capability when paired with a compatible Renesas transmitter. Renesas’s rich portfolio of inductive charging products also addresses various coil and voltage configurations.

Renesas Participates in Defining the PMA and Qi Standards

The two most popular inductive charging standards in the industry are the WPC Qi standard and PMA standard. Renesas has been an early participant in the development of these two standards, helping drive the proliferation of inductive chargers by developing the necessary IC hardware to facilitate the deployment of inductive power transfer technology into consumer devices on a mass scale.

Wireless Power Consortium (WPC)

Renesas is a full member of the WPC and develops products to meet the WPC Qi standard (pronounced “chi”). The Qi wireless charging standard is a highly active wireless power standard that is expanding rapidly to address multiple applications and configurations. For more information about the WPC and the Qi standards, click here.

Power Matters Alliance (PMA)

Renesas is a member of the PMA, which has a significant install base of charging pads and sleeves and growing partnerships with industry-leading retailers. For more information about the PMA and PMA standard, click here.

About Inductive Charging
Induction power technology facilitates the transmission of electrical energy from a power source (inductive charger) to an electrical load (inductive receiver) without connecting wires. Based on the principles of electromagnetic coupling, inductive chargers use an induction coil to create an alternating electromagnetic field from within a charging base station, while a second coil embedded in a portable device receives power from the electromagnetic field and converts it back into electrical current that is used to power the device and charge its battery. The technology is useful in cases where wires are hazardous, impossible to connect, or simply inconvenient.

Inductive charging stations are most familiar as aftermarket mats for mobile phones, but may also be integrated into furniture, automobiles and airplane seats. Specialized medical and all-weather applications are also well-suited to take advantage of inductive charging technology. Renesas works closely with its customers to provide the core circuitry required to facilitate the development of innovative, safe, efficient, and compact next-generation inductive charging products.


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