Driven by the needs of the rapidly growing IoT, wearable, and smart home markets which need small and efficient power solutions, Renesas offers a family of low power portable PMICs. These devices extend the battery life of these systems while fitting into a compact form factor. In addition, the ubiquity of sensors integrated into a multitude of wearable and miniaturized IoT devices demands unmatched ultra-low-noise LDOs enabling superior sensor output quality under difficult conditions.


  • Highly integrated for lower BOM and reduced board assembly costs
  • Nanoamp quiescent current for all DC/DC outputs
  • Dynamic voltage control capability
  • I2C interface for control and monitoring
  • Simple, digital programming using Renesas' SmartCanvas™ GUI for fast, easy design reuse
  • Multi-channel ultra-low noise LDO supplies for sensor systems like cameras


  • Extended battery life
  • 25% reduction in PCB footprint compared to discrete solutions
  • Programmable power states optimize performance in operating modes and extend battery life in storage modes
  • Design flexibility through configurability
  • Future-proofing for new technology MCUs with 0.6V min buck output voltage
  • Future-proofing for new technology batteries with 2.5V min input voltage
  • Superior sensor performance through ultra-low-noise supply channels


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