The ISL80510EVAL1Z evaluation board provides a simple platform to evaluate the performance of the ISL80510 and ISL80505 low dropout voltage regulators (LDOs). The board comes with jumpers to provide an easy way to set popular output voltages.

The ISL80510 is a high performance, low voltage, high current, low dropout linear regulator specified at 1A. Rated for input voltages from 2.2V to 6V, the LDO can provide output voltages from 0.8V to 5.5V.

The ISL80505 is a single output low dropout voltage regulator capable of sourcing up to 500mA output current. This LDO operates from input voltages of 1.8V to 6V. The output voltage of ISL80505 can be programmed from 0.8V to 5.5V.


  • Small, compact design
  • VIN range of 2.2V to 6V (ISL80510), 1.8V to 6V (ISL80505)
  • VOUT adjustable from 0.8V to 5.5V
  • Convenient power connection



  • Noise-sensitive instrumentation systems
  • Post regulation of switched mode power supplies
  • Industrial systems
  • Medical equipment
  • Telecommunications and networking equipment
  • Servers
  • Hard disk drives (HD/HDD)


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ISL80510/05 High Performance LDO Regulators

Intersil’s single-output low drop-out voltage (LDO) regulators deliver leading edge performance against our competitors – including max dropout that’s nearly 50% lower and peak-to-peak excursions up to 9 times lower, at a highly competitive price. Watch our 1A ISL80510 go head-to-head with a competitor’s product.


Hi, I'm Dhananjay Singh, Product Marketing Manager at Intersil Corporation. Here we are introducing a simple and inexpensive, yet high performance single-output, low dropout voltage regulator. The ISL80510 and ISL80505 comprise a family of new LDOs with 1A and 0.5A continuous current capability in pin-to-pin compatible, 3mm x 3mm DFN packets.

The 1A device operates from 2.2V to 6V, while the 0.5A device can be used from 1.8V to 6V. The output of these devices can be adjusted from 0.8V to 5.5V for a wide range of applications including low power RF amplifiers.

The ISL80510 and ISL80505 are designed to provide lowest dropout and best transient performance for sensitive loads. Their compensation loop is designed in a way to keep flat PSRR response over a wide range of frequencies giving you your added security in noisy conditions.

To help our customers, Intersil has designed a very simple and easy-to-use evaluation board to perform basic evaluation. This is a common evaluation board for both ISL80510 and ISL80505. These are the VIN points and these are the VOUT points. Probe points have been placed close to the IC to minimize middleman errors.

If you notice, we have a bunch of jumpers here to minimize bench work in the lab. This jumper is for enabling or disabling of the device and the series of jumpers are for VOUT setting. Basically, by selecting one of these jumpers, the user is selecting one of the possible output voltages of this volt. Users can select a VOUT setting from one of the fixed possible VOUT settings between 1V and 5V.

Here we are doing a one-on-one comparison between ISL80510 and a pin-to-pin compatible competitors part. Since both devices are pin-to-pin compatible, we can use the same board for a fair comparison. This board has ISL80510 on it, while this board has competitors device. Let's take a look at the outcome when we compare the performance of these two boards after testing under similar conditions.

Soft-start ramp, as you can see on this plot, ISL80510 provides a picture-perfect soft-start and shutdown ramp voltage, while the competitors device shows disturbances in both cases. If we look at dropout, the ISL80510 has a dropout that is almost half of the competitors device operating under similar condition.

Now let's have a look at transient performance. As you can see here, the peak-to-peak in competitors device is almost nine times bigger than what Intersil's device is showing. When compared to similar products in market, Intersil's LDO family provides the best cost performance for your sensitive loads.

For more information about these LDOs or any other power products, please visit our website. Thanks for watching.