The ZL8800 is a digital power conversion and management IC that combines an efficient step-down DC/DC converter with key power and thermal management functions in a single package. The ZL8800 incorporates compensation-free ChargeMode control to achieve single-cycle transient response.

The ZL8800-2PH-DEMO1Z demonstration board is a 6-layer board used to demonstrate a two-phase 60A synchronous buck converter. Sequencing, margining, plus other features can be evaluated using this demonstration board.

The ZL8800-2CH-DEMO1Z dual channel DC/DC digital controller demo board is also available.


  • Two-phase 60A synchronous buck converter with compensation-free ChargeMode control
  • Designed to be easy to use and modify. Optimized for a small circuit footprint and dynamic response
  • Configurable through PMBus
  • VIN range of 4.5V to 14V, VOUT adjustable from 0.54V to 5.5V
  • Enable switches and power-good indicators



  • Servers/Storage equipment
  • Telecom/Datacom equipment
  • Power supplies (memory, DSP, ASIC, FPGA)


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Software & Tools

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PowerNavigator Software
Renesas' PowerNavigator™ software allows simple configuration and monitoring of multiple Digital-DC devices using a PC with a USB interface.
Monitor Debugger/RAM Monitor Renesas
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Selecting between the ZL8800 and ZL8801

Identifying the differences between the ZL8800 and ZL8801 dual phase PMBus™ ChargeMode™ control dc/dc digital controllers.


The ZL8801 is part of our fourth generation family of digital power controllers. Also in that family is the ZL8800. Selecting between the two is relatively simple, as the chart shows.

The ZL8800 and ZL8801 both offer ChargeMode control. The ZL8800, however, offers dual output or dual phase operation. The ZL8801 offers only dual phase, but it adds DDC current share. With DDC current share, you can share multiple ZL8801 controllers, for up to an eight-phase design.

The recommended current range for the ZL8800 is between 5A and 60A. The ZL8801 has a recommended current range of 40A all the way up to 300A plus. The actual current is dependent on the power stage you use, however, these are just recommendations.

Both parts are offered in a 7mm x 7mm QFN package. Both the ZL8800 and ZL8801 are compensation free, based on our ChargeMode control architecture.

Unlike an analog control loop, a fully digital control loop digitizes the feedback voltage and handles all control and compensation in a digital delay.