The ISL85403DEMO1Z demonstration board allows for quick evaluation of the ISL85403 synchronous buck or boost-buck controller in the synchronous buck configuration. It is also used to demonstrate the compact size solution for the wide input voltage range point-of-load (POL) DC/DC converter using the ISL85403.


  • Input voltage (VIN): 7V to 40V
  • Output voltage (VOUT): 5.0V
  • Max output current (IOUT_MAX): 2.5A
  • Switching frequency: 500kHz
  • Output ripple: 50mV at 2.5A load
  • Peak efficiency: 93% at 50% load, 12V input



  • General purpose
  • 24V bus power
  • Battery power
  • Point-of-load
  • Embedded processor and I/O supplies


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