The ISL9440AEVAL1Z evaluation board is used to evaluate the performance of the ISL9440A quad-output synchronous buck controller.

The ISL9440A is a quad-output controller that integrates three PWM synchronous buck controllers and one low-dropout linear regulator controller. The ISL9440A offers internal soft-start, independent enable functions and integrates UV/OV/OC/OT protections. The device also offers current mode control architecture and an internal compensation network, keeping peripheral component count minimal.


  • DC/DC, step-down with LDO
  • Current - output: 6A, 6A, 4A, 800mA
  • Switching frequency: 600kHz
  • Soft-start timing: 1.7ms
  • Voltage - input: 6V to 16V



  • Satellite and cable set-top boxes
  • Cable modems
  • VoX gateway devices
  • NAS/SAN devices


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