The ISL94208 battery front end IC is designed for use with a microcontroller and features an analog front-end with overcurrent protection for multi-cell Li-ion battery packs. The ISL94208 supports battery packs consisting of four to six cells in series and one or more cells in parallel. Using an internal analog multiplexer, the ISL94208 allows a separate microcontroller with an A/D converter to monitor each cell voltage plus internal and external temperature. The ISL94208 provides integral overcurrent and short-circuit protection circuitry, an internal 3. 3V voltage regulator, internal cell balancing switches, and drive circuitry for external FET devices for control of pack charge and discharge.


  • Software selectable overcurrent protection levels and variable protect detection times
  • 4 discharge overcurrent thresholds
  • 4 short-circuit thresholds
  • 4 charge overcurrent thresholds
  • 8 overcurrent delay times (charge)
  • 8 overcurrent delay times (discharge)
  • 2 short-circuit delay times (discharge)
  • Automatic FET turn-off and cell balance disable on reaching external (battery) or internal (IC) temperature limit
  • Automatic cell balance turn off on IC over-temperature
  • Integrated charge/discharge FET drive circuitry
  • Internal cell balancing FETs handle up to 200mA of balancing current for each cell
  • Sleep operation with negative or positive edge wake-up
  • <10μA Sleep mode




  • Power tools
  • Portable equipment
  • Battery backup systems
  • Military electronics


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