The ISL6726EVAL1Z evaluation board is a 48V input to 5V output DC/DC converter that can output current up to 40A.

The ISL6726EVAL1Z board uses the ISL6726, an advanced current mode PWM controller, to implement control of an active clamp forward. The circuit operates at fixed frequency with peak current control mode. To get high efficiency, the converter adopts a synchronous rectifier to replace the diode rectifier.


  • Precision duty cycle and dead-time control
  • 180µA start-up current
  • Adjustable average and peak current limit protection
  • Programmable oscillator frequency up to 1MHz
  • Bidirectional synchronization with 180° out-of-phase
  • Adjustable soft-start, soft-stop
  • Selectable minimum duty cycle clamp for synchronous rectifier applications
  • Programmable slope compensation
  • Supports N-channel and P-channel active clamp FETs
  • Programmable undervoltage lock-out
  • Input voltage dependent duty cycle clamp
  • 35ns control to output propagation delay
  • Internal over-temperature protection


  • Telecom and datacom power
  • AC/DC power supplies
  • DC transformers
  • Bus converters

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Datasheets & Errata
ISL6726 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 1.17 MB
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ISL6726EVAL1Z User Guide Manual PDF 2.20 MB
ISL6726 iSim:PE Model Schematic SXSCH 357 KB

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