The SLG51000 IC contains seven compact and customizable low dropout regulators and is designed for high-performance camera modules, advanced sensor systems, and other small multi-rail applications.


  • Highest PSRR of 81dB at 1MHz
  • Lowest output voltage noise of 13µVrms
  • 7 channels of LDOs
  • Output current capability up to 800mA per channel
  • User configurable settings via I2C and OTP including output voltage, sequencing, soft-start timing, and current limit threshold
  • 6 user-defined GPIOs to route available internal and external signals
  • Flexible user-defined supply controller with matrix interconnect logic, GPIOs, and macrocells




  • High-end camera module applications
  • Smartphones
  • Digital cameras
  • Security cameras
  • Smart devices with imaging
  • Advanced sensor systems


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