The US082-INTERPEVZ board provides a standard Pmod™ Type 6A (Extended I2C) connector to many Renesas MCU kits. The board plugs into the existing Type 2A or 3A Pmod on the MCU board and interposes key pins to create a Type 6A connector.

The US082-INTERPEVZ features Pmod connectors on both sides of the board to allow additional Type 6/6A boards to be connected in a daisy-chained solution with multiple sensors on the same MCU Pmod connector. Thanks to the standard connectors, the US082-INTERPEVZ is ideal for use with other I2C Pmod boards in Renesas’ Quick-Connect IoT series to rapidly create an IoT system.


  • Corrects the pinout of Pmods on many Renesas MCU evaluation kits to provide a standardized Type 6A Pmod connector for I2C Extended interface.



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Sensor Software Modules for Renesas MCU Platforms
Middleware (FIT module and FSP module) and sample software packages that enable control and data acquisition for Renesas sensor products.
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Quick-Connect IoT Platform
Quick-Connect IoT platform enables fast prototyping by providing compatible hardware and software building blocks.
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