Ubiquitous HDCP is a software development kit optimized for the implementation of HDCP. You can use this compact library optimized for embedded systems with no dependency on the target environment.

Since it has a porting layer for performing encryption / decryption processing by hardware, it is possible to offload these processing with large calculation load. On the other hand, even when hardware encryption / decryption processing is not available, Ubiquitous proprietary lightweight and high speed encryption / decryption software engine can be used.

In addition, we propose a management system for confidential information such as secret key along with Ubiquitous HDCP. We also provide comprehensive technical support for implementing link protection technologies in your target environment.

Ubiquiotus HDCP is compatible with HDCP ver 2.2. It is available in various lower layer networks.

For more information, please contact us by email – sales@ubiquitous-ai.com.