Develop a single cross-platform code base using one integrated toolset and target embedded, desktop, and mobile platforms. With the most complete set of libraries for UI development, business logic, and machine-to-machine communication, write less code quickly with an extensible IDE and easy-to-use APIs. Well-tested libraries to improve your code quality, shrink your code base, reduce testing burden, and debug visually for improved code stability. By utilizing RZ/G2L, 3D, web camera, and multimedia functions can be easily achieved.



  • Use Qt Creator IDE to write software in C++, QML, JavaScript, Python, and others
  • Compiles source code into native machine code
  • Test and debug applications in emulator conditions close to those of the target device
  • Include a comprehensive set of libraries optimized for cross-platform development and ready-made functionality
  • Quick start-up with Boot 2 Qt
  • Allows protecting the source code and intellectual property




  • For all HMI segments


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