Grape Systems provides a varying range of source code libraries to encode and decode one-dimensional barcode and two-dimensional code. All code products are developed in-house, and we also undertake related contract development.

Using the Dynamic Configuration Processor (DRP) peculiar to RZ/A2M, a multi-code read demo (using GR-MANGO) that reads and compares with the open source "ZXing" shows the high accuracy of our code products. You can see high-speed scanning.



  • Source code written in C language is provided.
  • Flat, one-time fee, royalty-free.
  • Platform (CPU, OS) independent.
  • Small footprint, compact libraries optimized for embedded systems.
  • Help customers shorten the development cycle, reduce costs, and expedite product launches.
  • Feel free to contact us if you need any further information.




  • Encoding Library Product: A device that generates various codes such as printer printing and screen display
  • Decoding Library Product: A device that reads various codes from images captured by an image scanner or camera.


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