TRQerS is a dynamic testing or analyzing tool to get system behavior over the long term. Visualizing the entire system along with absolute time to contribute to performance margin measurement and quality improvement. Supports the RZ family (RZ/G, RZ/A, RZ/T series).


  • Get trace data only with software.
  • Recording and visualizing program behavior in actual actions give you at-a-glance view of the behavior.
  • The tool captures rarely occurring fault phenomena and easily detects bugs to solve them in a short time.
  • The tool can be used from integration tests to system tests, which significantly reduces the number of development man-hours.
  • Complete measurement can be performed accurately without errors.
  • Using a specialized GUI tool to easily insert a checkpoint (a mechanism to observe program behavior) into an object to be analyzed.



  • Industrial Automation
  • Industrial Cameras
  • Human Machine Interface System