Stream It! - RZ is an evaluation board for developing and evaluating applications such as camera input, LCD display, and Ethernet connection with RZ/A1LU. In addition, we have included an executable file of streaming and web server demo so you can quickly evaluate the RZ/A1LU.

Get Started Using Stream It! (RZ/A Start-up page)


  • STREAM IT! RZ V2 main board
  • Touch/TFT module (4.3-inch)
  • Camera module
  • JTAG on-chip debugger
  • Quick Start Guide
  • User manual, demo applications and more.

Stream-it! - RZ-V2 Quick Start Guide (PDF)


  • RZ/A1LU (R7S72103) CPU: Max. 400MHz, Internal RAM 3MB, 208-pins 0.5mm-pitch QFP
  • SDRAM 32MB, Serial Flash memory 64MB x 2
  • JPEG compression in hardware
  • Dual DDR QSPI interface for fast serial NOR flash memory
  • Ethernet AVB for high-speed audio and video transfer
  • Connectors
    • SD Card Slot 1 pcs.
    • LAN connector (RJ-45) 1 pcs.
    • USB Series-A Receptacle: 1 pcs.
    • User debug interface connector(ARM JTAG 20)1 pcs.
    • 4 pole mini-jack for audio (φ3.5) 3 pcs.
    • CMOS Camera connector 1 pcs.
    • Serial Port connector (USB Micro-B: Power source input) 1 pcs.
  • LED: For power indication 1 pcs., User LED 1 pcs.



  • Amusement Equipment
  • Building Management System
  • DSC
  • IoT
  • Network Camera
  • Video Camera
  • Surveillance Camera
  • STB
  • Security System


Type Title Date
Quick Start Guide PDF 202 KB
Release Note Log in to Download PDF 319 KB
Application Note PDF 1.33 MB
Application Note PDF 1.17 MB
Application Note PDF 699 KB
Application Note PDF 637 KB
Application Note PDF 614 KB
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Design & Development

Software & Tools

Software Downloads

Type Title Date
Software & Tools - Other Log in to Download ZIP 3.46 MB 日本語
Software & Tools - Other Log in to Download ZIP 775 KB 日本語
Software & Tools - Other Log in to Download ZIP 5.05 MB 日本語
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TES Guiliani Graphical User Interface on RZ/A Stream it! - RZ - V2.0!

Welcome to this demonstration of TES Guiliani on Renesas new solution kit Stream it! - RZ-V2.0. The Stream it! - RZ-V2.0 is based on RZ/A1-LU MPU, which runs at 400MHZ, provides 3MB of embedded SRAM and is optimized for HMIs from the ground up.


Hardware partners

Company Component
NDK Crystal Units (32kHz, 25MHz, 48MHz)
Macronix Serial Flash memory (64MB)
Wurth Electronik Connectors, headers, inductors, switches etc.
ON Semiconductor Power switch, EEPROM, ESD protection, Reset monitor
Winbond High-speed SDRAM (32MB)
SEGGER Debug probes

Software partners

Company Software
Consilient Technologies h.264,AAC
Oryx Embedded TCP/IP, Web server, Web radio
FreeRTOS Operating System used for demo software
SEGGER RTOS, Middleware, Security and communication stack for RZ/A