Qt has everything you need to quickly and cost-effectively design, develop, test, deploy and maintain your software for any project. Focus on creating the best user experiences instead of coding what's already been coded for you.

A complete cross-platform software framework with ready-made UI elements, C++ libraries, and a complete integrated development environment with tools for everything you need to develop software for any project.

  • Develop faster and smarter with Qt's Intuitive and comprehensive libraries and APIs. Never worry about dependencies: We are updating and future-proofing constantly!
  • Qt Creator comes with a wide range of integrated tools for both developers and designers. You can design your UI, write your code and much more in one cross-platform IDE. Feel like prototyping? Just press play.
  • If you want to know just what's possible with Qt, all you have to do is look at how some of the leading companies in industries like automotive, medical, infotainment, wearables and automation are developing and deploying millions of applications, UIs and connected devices all over the world.

SRA is a leading company of C++ UI application framework "Qt" in Japan. We deliver Qt training, consulting, development and support by Qt professional team and over 150 Qt developers for Automotive, Medical, Industry Automation, Consumer electric product with touch-panel and more.

For more information, please contact Software Research Associates, Inc. Qt team, Industrial Systems Division 1  – qt-sale@sra.co.jp  



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