The Serial LCD + Touch Reference Design can display a microwave-style operation screen on a QVGA LCD module connected via SPI to an RX Family MCU. The capacitive-touch button and slider are made of transparent electrodes, which emerge white from the black housing when illuminated by LED backlights. The circuit diagrams of the substrates and the design information of transparent electrodes and housings published on this page can be used as a reference for your product development.

Depending on the number of display colors and other functions you want to achieve, the following two versions are available.

  • RX671 version: 16-bit color, best for supporting RTOS/cloud function
  • RX140 version: 4-bit grayscale, best for low power and low cost



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Design & Development

GUI solution using SPI

  • Optimal for cost-effective applications and displays with low resolution.
  • LCD displays can be controlled with just four pins for the SPI interface.
  • Sample programs are available to simultaneously evaluate an external LCD module and touch sensors operation on a single-chip.
  • A free-of-charge and light GUI library by a partner is available for all RX MCU users.
GUI solution using SPI

GUI library by partner

Library Description Partner
emWin for RX A GUI tool for lightweight, free-of-charge library for RX devices. An emWin FIT module can be downloaded from FIT Modules. Segger

Sample Code

Flat Design Demo - Display and Capacitive Touch with 32-bit MCU RX Family

This video introduces the reference design for serial TFT-LCD QVGA display and capacitive touch functions controlled by a single-chip RX MCU.

For more information, please refer to Serial LCD + Touch Reference Design.