The RX23E-B 6-Axis Force Sensor Small Board Reference Design is a compact solution that utilizes the RX23E-B 32-bit microcontroller (MCU). This MCU integrates a high-speed, high-precision analog front end (AFE), which negates the necessity for a dedicated AFE, thereby minimizing the board size.

The 6-axis force sensor is integrated on the board equipped with the AFE and MCU; therefore, the board must be compact. The RX23E-B combines an AFE and MCU on a single chip, eliminating the need for a dedicated AFE and making it suitable for board miniaturization. For this reference design, we designed a small 42mm x 37mm board. In addition to the RX23E-B, this small board includes an RAA788158 RS-485/RS-422 transceiver. The RX23E-B performs A/D conversion, zero reset, and three-dimensional force and torque conversion on a single chip. The RAA788158 sends the measurement results to the host device via digital communication such as Modbus. When developing this reference design, we combined this small board with a force sensor and evaluated the measurement error at a 6-channel A/D conversion scan rate of about 2275 scan/s. The force measurement error was confirmed within ±0.25% full scale and the torque measurement error was confirmed within ±1% full scale; the measurement uncertainty of the force sensor used (maximum ±1.25% [FS]) was within the measurement uncertainty.


  • Small board size of 42mm x 37mm
    • Eliminates the need for a dedicated analog front end (AFE), contributing to reductions in BOM cost and board space
  • RX23E-B microcontroller with built-in high-precision AFE
    • Enables highly accurate force/torque measurement, including digital filtering and calibration with a single chip
    • 6-channel A/D conversion scan rate up to 2275 scan/s
  • Integrated RAA788158 RS-485/RS-422 transceiver
    • Digital communication, such as Modbus, is possible
  • Contents
    • Application notes
    • Sample program
    • Schematic (included in the application notes)
    • Bill of Materials (BOM) (included in the application notes)
    • Board data


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