Solution Overview

Veridify Security's fast, ultra-low power security tools make it easy to provide critical device-to-device security features on MCUs such as the RX100 series and the IoT points they connect to. RX100 users can easily implement the same security features that were previously only available in large and expensive MCUs.


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  • RX100 Series users can secure their MCUs at the IoT edge with Veridify Security’s software that offers the following:
    • Fast authentication, data protection, secure boot and secure firmware update
    • Future-proof, quantum-compute resistant security
    • Security software and SDK that are easy to implement
    • Low-cost licensing

Use Case Example: Authentication/Data Protection

Veridify's security tools make it easy for customers to add authentication and data protection solutions to RX MCUs, even at the IoT edge.

Veridify Security Software on RX100 series

Target Applications

  • Industrial IoT
  • Home Appliance
  • Healthcare
  • Office/Building Automation
  • Energy and Measurement
  • Consumer Applications
  • Motor Control

Please refer to the RX 32-bit MCUs main web page for the RX100 series lineup.

For more information, see Veridify Security's website.