The RL78/G14 Motor Control Demonstration Kit (YRMCKITRL78G14) for brushless AC motor control uses sinusoidal field oriented control and sensorless three-shunt current measurement.


  • Brushless AC motor (e.g. permanent magnet AC)
  • Sinusoidal field oriented control
  • Sensorless three shunts
  • MCU: RL78/G14 (16-bit, 41DMIPS)
  • On-board inverter power stage: MOSFETs RJK0654 (LFPAK, 30A/60V, Rth = 2.27°C/W,L = 1.1nH, RDSON = 6.5mOhm)
  • 13KB Flash for motor control algorithm including parameter storage and GUI interface functions
  • 2KB RAM used
  • Available CPU time: 30% [86μs used for FOC algorithm calculations]
  • Switching frequency: Up to 24KHz
  • Sampling frequency: Up to 8KHz
  • Communication:
    • USB connection: RL78.G14 GUI, Isolated programming and IAR debugging interfaces
    • Direct Connection: RL78/G14 E1 interface for additional debug & development
    • Windows 7 64-bit version supported


  • Brushless AC motor control


Title language Type Format File Size Date
star RL78G14 Motor Contol Kit Guide PDF 5.04 MB
YRMCKITRL78G14 Motor Control Starter Kit Quick Start Guide PDF 504 KB
Renesas Motor Control Solutions Presentation PDF 1.74 MB
FL28BL26-15V-8006AF Model (1) Schematic PDF 49 KB


Title language Type Format File Size Date
YRMCKITRL78G14-control-pc-gui Software & Tools - Other ZIP 4.68 MB
motor-control-IAR-project-workspace Software & Tools - Other ZIP 249 KB
YRMCKITRL78G14-design-files PCB Design Files ZIP 1.91 MB