The RL78/G23 Inductive Proximity Sensor Shield Solution Board is a plug-on expansion board for the RL78/G23 microcontroller 64-pin Fast Prototyping Board (FPB), and is specifically designed for prototyping of inductive proximity sensing applications. Simply hook this solution board to the 64-pin G23 FPB to jumpstart your evaluation without any additional tools. This winning bundle will enable you to immediately demonstrate the capabilities and suitability of RL78/G23 for inductive proximity sensing applications.


  • Demonstrate a range of proximity and contactless rotation detection methods through three Inductive sensor types
  • Coreless planar-coil proximity button group with two sensors for HMI buttons or detection of conductive objects
  • Ferrite-cored wound-coil proximity sensor group with two sensors for detection of conductive objects
  • Coreless planar-coil group with three sensors for detection and revolution counting of a rotating object, such as a shaft or index wheel
  • Provides additional expansion to the FPB through two PMOD connectors
  • Ultra low-power detection, suitable for battery powered long service-life applications



  • White goods
  • Industrial/factory automation
  • HMI
  • Rotation counting
  • Medical


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