The Wireless Doorbell application uses sub-GHz wireless communication to notify a remote receiver when the doorbell is pressed. The transmitter and receiver both have a built-in RL78/G1H sub-GHz wireless communication module, RL78/G11 for control. When the transmitter button is pressed, its LED lights up and wireless communication starts. When the receiver receives a signal from the transmitter, its LED starts blinking and the speaker emits sounds. The wireless doorbell is suitable for use in the home or office.

The ISL80505 single-output low-dropout regulator (LDO) is used for receiver power management. The ISL80505 can supply up to 500mA output current at input from 1. 8V to 6V, providing extremely stable voltage.

Disclaimer: THIS MATERIAL IS PROVIDED “AS-IS” FOR EVALUATION PURPOSES ONLY. RENESAS ELECTRONICS CORPORATION AND ITS SUBSIDIARIES (collectively, “Renesas”) DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND MERCHANTABILITY. Renesas provides evaluation platforms and design proposals to help our customers to develop products. However, factors beyond Renesas' control, including without limitation, component variations, temperature changes and PCB layout, could significantly affect the product performance. It is the user’s responsibility to verify the actual circuit performance.


  • Demo board includes the RL78/G11 and RL78/G1H MCUs
  • Users can hear the rings in any room where the receiver is placed
  • Operates in low power consumption mode, entering normal mode when an external interrupt occurs (e.g., a key is pressed)
  • When a key is pressed, the wireless signals are transmitted to the receiver through the RF module
  • When the MCU detects that the battery power is low (<2.9V), the LED blinks for 5 seconds


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Wireless Doorbell

Renesas demonstrates the Wireless Doorbell quick solution featuring the RL78/G11 and RL78/G1H microcontrollers. Using home wireless technology, the transmitter can send signals to the receiver without any connecting wires and is suitable for use in the home or office.