Usage Guide for the RL78-Family Development Environment

We offer a complete line of high-quality software, high-spec easy-to-use development tools, and various boards and kits to form development environments for the RL78 family.
The video library (RL78 Software & Tool Course) that contains the tutorial videos for beginners and solution introduction videos and FAQs are also provided. Use this information according to your development scenario.


RL78 Family Development Environment

Full support for your development work with various development tools, boards, kits, and software

Development Tool

Support for all stages of the development of RL78 applications through the supply of easy-to-use integrated development environments (IDEs), emulators, and programming tools

Plug-ins for the Development Environment
Compiler / Simulator
Flash Programmer

Boards & Kits

A rich lineup of products from starter kits to various solution evaluation kits

Starter kits
Evaluation board
Solutions from Partners


Easy-to-use high-performance drivers, and a range of middleware to support the development of RL78 applications

Sample Code


Getting Started with the RL78 Family Development Environment

If you are not sure where to start, see the “Getting Started with the RX Family Development Environment” page.
This page introduces starter kits (sets that include essential evaluation tools) and other items that development processes will require.

Getting Started with the RL78 Family Development Environment >>

How-to Videos for RL78 Family

For those starting development using the RL78 family, these easy-to-understand videos introduce the basic functions of the Renesas development environment and solution development support functions.

RL78 Family Software & Tool Course >>

RL78 Family FAQ

A collection of FAQs for solving all types of problems in development

RL78 Family FAQ >>



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