LTE IoT includes the very latest cellular technologies Cat-M1 and Cat-NB1 (NB-IoT), both are ideal for connecting IoT devices and sensors to 4G LTE cellular networks globally. AE-CLOUD2 enables connection of those IoT devices to cloud service providers with minimum effort.

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Kit Contents

  • S5D9 microcontroller (MCU) board
  • 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi board
  • LTE CAT-M1 and NB1 cellular Arduino shield
  • Cellular antenna
  • GPS antenna
  • 1 Ethernet cable
  • 2 x A male to Micro-B 1ft USB cables

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System Requirements

LTE IoT Cellular Technologies

AE-CLOUD2 can be used anywhere in the world, as it has support for Cat-M1, Cat-NB1, 2G/EGPRS, as well as GPS. The kit complies with global regulatory certifications for FCC, CE, RoHS, WEEE, and Japan MIC. The AE-CLOUD2 kit has been designed to work with CAT-M and NB-IoT networks. Users should check that these networks are supported by cellular providers in their region and have the ability to configure the modem to establish a connection to an available regional network through a local cellular provider.

Cloud Services

The AE-CLOUD2 kit with the Cloud Connectivity Application Projects can help you quickly connect to the cloud service of your choice.

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The Renesas Synergy AE-CLOUD2 enables rapid evaluation, prototyping and development of global LTE IoT cloud connected applications using the Synergy Platform. Using the AE-CLOUD2 kit, developers can easily connect IoT sensor devices to major cloud services globally using the most effective cellular IoT protocols today — Cat-M1 and Cat-NB1. It features the S5D9 MCU Group, the superset of the S5 MCU series. AE-CLOUD2 includes a variety of sensors such as lighting, microphone, temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality, geomagnetic, accelerometer, and gyroscope.



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