Cameras, lidar and radar can’t see around corners. And, they cannot see emergency vehicles that are far away but fast approaching. The best line-of-sight sensors in the world are limited by the fact that they can’t see threats that are hidden from view. With the addition of obstructed view scenarios into the safety standards of Euro NCAP and other international testing bodies, finding new ways to detect threats is critical.

Automotive Safety Warning System (SWS)  Detects and Localizes:

  • Emergency vehicles
  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Bicycles
  • Joggers

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The Reality AI solution uniquely combines both hardware and software to give passengers a new level of protection.

  • MEMS Mic Array integrated into components or placed on the roof. Flexible geometry.
  • Automotive MCU runs AI detection and localization software on inexpensive hardware
  • Detection provided by AI models that classify different threats accurately at 1.5km distance for sirens, 35m+ for cars, trucks and motorcycles, and 10m for bicycles and joggers
  • Localization through AI models that compute the angle of arrival, estimate distance, and detect whether threats are approaching or receding
  • AI Firmware engineered by Reality AI (now Renesas), the foremost specialist in the application of machine learning to complex signal processing problems

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RealityCheck™ AD
Industrial Anomaly Detection

Ready-to-implement solution for monitoring factory and process-industry assets

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Reality AI SWS from Renesas: Cars can See With Sound

ADAS systems today mostly rely on computer vision techniques to detect targets. But, blind corners and obstructed view situations are a real problem. Working with our partners, Renesas has used a mic array on the exterior of the vehicle to HEAR the presence of emergency vehicles, cars, motorbikes, bicycles, and even pedestrians - then LOCALIZE them to inform the driver where to look to see them coming.

Winner of 2020 Future Mobility Award