This solution is based on the Renesas RA series MCUs, which realizes the operation of RT-Thread and Arduino of Machine Vision (OpenMV) embedded computer vision library for Vision Board on RA8D1 with 2M flash. The solution makes full use of the RA8 hardware resources to process the camera image captured by the CEU (capture engine unit) video and transmit the image to the host computer through HUSB for display. With the excellent CPU computing power of RA8 and the rich software package ecosystem of RT-Thread, it is convenient for machine learning to be quickly implemented in embedded devices. Download sample software here.



  • Over 600 up-for-grabs software packages covering IoT, security, AI, peripherals, systems, multimedia, languages
  • MicroPython programming accelerates algorithm validation
  • Quick implementation of machine learning to embedded devices
  • High-speed USB boosts image transfer speed




  • Visual identification & classification
  • Object detection and tracking
  • Visual navigation and positioning


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