Plumerai has developed a complete software solution for camera-based people detection. The people detection AI models are tiny, fast, and accurate. The Plumerai People Detection AI software is 1.2MiB large and runs with 289KiB of on-chip memory. The people detection software solution is readily available for the RA family of MCUs and runs on Arm® Cortex®-M33 and Cortex-M4 microcontrollers.



  • Detects each person in view, even if partially occluded
  • Tracks people and assigns up to 20 unique IDs
  • Supports indoor, outdoor, and IR LED lighting
  • Detection distance of more than 20m/65ft
  • Trained with over 32 million labeled images
  • Extensively validated on diverse people and scenarios
  • Supports lenses up to 180 FOV




  • Intelligent people detection sensors
  • Security cameras and video analytics
  • Video conferencing and webcams
  • Video doorbells and smart home cameras
  • Smart home applications
  • Smart office applications
  • Smart retail applications
  • Smart health applications


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Product Brief PDF 420 KB
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Vision AI Solutions for Smart Home and IoT Applications

An overview of Plumerai’s solutions for smart home camera and IoT applications with models designed to run on MCUs. This video includes a demo of people detection and familiar face identification AI solutions running on the RA8D1 graphics MCU.

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