The FT200 series programmer is a single-channel programmer, with good compatibility, and powerful features. It can support Renesas RA/RX/RL78 MCUs, including Device Lifecycle Management (DLM) key function support on the latest RA Cortex®-M33 core MCUs. The FTMUX series programmer is a multi-channel output programmer with multiple master units to program multiple chips at the same time. This equipment is suitable for mass production in the factory.



  • The output interface is a 14-pin (2.54mm) standard interface and compatible with E1, E2, E2 Lite, PG-FP6, and supports online/offline modes
  • Supports automatic programming, robot or other control machine communicating and controlling programming, remote control of the remote PC for programming or caching to the server, support limit programming times, multiple projects (bin/hex/mot/s19 formats) storage and other functions
  • Supports most active Renesas MCUs
    • RA: SWD/UART interface, IDCODE/DLM protection
    • RX: FINE/UART interface, IDCODE protection
    • RL78: Single-Wire interface, Debug-ID protection
    • Support custom serial numbers
    • Additional functional requirements at customer request




  • Mass production programming in factory
  • Product upgrade and maintenance
  • After-sales maintenance and upgrade
  • Automatic programming machine or robot


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E2 emulator [RTE0T00020KCE00000R]
On-chip debugging emulator. Also available as a flash memory programmer. [Support MCU/MPU: RA, RE, RH850, R-Car D1, RL78, RX, RISC-V MCU]
Emulator Renesas
E2 emulator Lite [RTE0T0002LKCE00000R]
On-chip debugging emulator. Also available as a flash memory programmer. [Support MCU/MPU: RA, RE, RL78, RX, RISC-V MCU]
Emulator Renesas
Flash memory programmer [Programming software: Dedicated GUI-based software, the "FP6 Terminal"] [Support MCU/MPU and devices: RA, RE, RX, RL78, RH850, RISC-V MCU, Renesas Synergy, Power Management, Renesas USB Power Delivery Family, ICs for Motor Driver/Actuator Driver, SuperH RISC engine, V850, 78K, R8C]
Programmer (Unit/SW) Renesas
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