The M32C/87 Group (M32C/87, M32C/87A, M32C/87B) is a single-chip control MCU, fabricated using high-performance silicon gate CMOS technology, embedding the M32C/80 Series CPU core. The M32C/87 Group (M32C/87, M32C/87A, M32C/87B) is housed in 144-pin and 100-pin plastic molded LQFP/QFP packages. With a 16-Mbyte address space, this MCU combines advanced instruction manipulation capabilities to process complex instructions by less bytes and execute instructions at higher speed.The M32C/87 Group (M32C/87, M32C/87A, M32C/87B) has a multiplier and DMAC adequate for office automation, communication devices and industrial equipment, and other high-speed processing applications.




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Software & Tools

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FAT File System
FAT file system, Original file system
File System Renesas
JPEG Encode and Decode Library
JPEG Library
Imaging Renesas
C/C++ Compiler Package for R8C and M16C Families
C/C++ Compiler Package for R8C Family and M16C Family (R32C/M32C/M16C) , * Packed the following three compiler packages : [Content] C Compiler Package for R32C Series, C Compiler Package for M32C Series [M3T-NC308WA], and C/C++ Compiler Package for M16C Series and R8C Family [M3T-NC30WA]. They are bundled with the simulator debugger and High-performance Embedded Workshop.
Compiler/Assembler Renesas
MISRA C Rule Checker SQMlint
MISRA C Rule Checker (option)
Compiler/Assembler Renesas
On-Chip Debugging Emulator for R8C, M16C, H8S, H8 and 740 families. E8a is also used as a device programmer for Renesas microcomputers. This product is E8 emulator's successor.
Emulator Renesas
High-performance Embedded Workshop
Renesas integrated development environment (IDE) (for SuperH, RX, R8C, M32R, M16C, H8SX, H8S, H8, and 740 families).
IDE and Coding Tool Renesas
Flash Development Toolkit (Programming GUI)
Flash memory programming software. [Support MCU/MPU and devices: SuperH RISC engine, RX, R8C, M16C, H8SX, H8S, H8, 740]
Programmer (Unit/SW) Renesas
Simulator Debugger for M32C Series
Simulator Debugger for M32C/80 and M16C/80 Series [Support IDE : High-performance Embedded Workshop] (Note: This product is included in Compiler Package and is not available separately.)
Simulator Renesas
SPI/QSPI Serial Flash Memory, QSPI Serial Phase Change Memory Driver
Device Driver for SPI and QSPI Serial Flash Memory and QSPI Serial Phase Change Memory
Serial Memory Renesas
SPI Serial EEPROM Driver
Device Drivers for SPI Bus Serial EEPROM R1EX25xxx Series and HN58X25xxx Series
Serial Memory Renesas
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