H8S Microcomputer with On-Chip IEBusTM Features


On-Chip IE BusTM Controller (Implementing IEBus Control with Hardware)
- Supports all modes in which transfer speeds differ, from “Mode 0” to “Mode 2”.
- Using data transmission by DTC, CPU load is reduced sharply. (Approx. 1/2)
- Using abundant error status flags to realize appropriate error processing




IEbus Selection by Application:


H8S/2258 Group

On-chip peripheral functions required for system configuration include data transfer controller (DTC) bus masters, ROM and RAM memory, a16-bit timer-pulse unit (TPU), 8-bit timer (TMR), watchdog timer (WDT), serial communication interface (SCI), I2C bus interface (IIC), IEBus™* Controller (IEB), A/D converter, D/A converter, and I/O ports.Note: *IEBus is a trademark of NEC Electronics Corporation.


H8S/2556, 2552, 2506 Group

This LSI is a high-performance microcomputer made up of the H8S/2000 CPU with an internal 32-bit configuration as its core, and the peripheral functions required to configure a system.