Renesas EEPROM realizes high speed, low power consumption and a high level of reliability by employing advanced MONOS memory technology, CMOS process and low voltage circuitry technology.

Key Features:


Supports a wide range of applications for Serial/Parallel EEPROMs




・Standard serial interface, I2C (2 wire system) path, SPI path direct connection with the microcomputer is possible

・Data security function, write protection terminal, software write protection, improved data reliability

・Wide range operating voltage 1.8 V-5.5 V corresponds to various types of system power.

・Wide temperature range products, -40-+85 degC, also supports hand-held machines

・Supports high-speed mode 400 kHz-1 MHz (I2C bus) 3-5MHz (SPI path) reading of high-speed data possible

・Compact package, SOP-8/TSSOP-8, -14, set miniaturization


Parallel EEPROM


・Operating voltage, 2.7V/5V operation, supports various types of system power

・Data security function, software data protection, reset pin, improved data reliability

・High-speed access, improved system efficiency

・Wide temperature range products, also supports outdoor equipment


Key Applications:


・Cellular phone/cordless phone/fax: speed dialer, communication history management

・TV/VTR/remote control: channel, mode setting

・Telephone switch board, measurement equipment: application software, log data storage

・Home electronic appliances: fine-tuning, manage usage history



You can find an explanation of orderable part numbers here .

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