The Renesas low-voltage CMOS (LVC) logic family is comprised of high-performance bus interface components intended for low-voltage applications. These devices are fully compatible with industry-standard components with similar designations and are specified for both 3.3V and 2.5V operation. The low-voltage CMOS components are built for 5V tolerance and hot insertion applications. These devices have no clamp diodes to VDD on either inputs or outputs, making the interface tolerant to voltages higher than VDD. Renesas offers low-voltage CMOS data buffers, drivers, latches, bus transceivers, and flip-flops.

The low-voltage CMOS family has three basic options available: high drive, balanced drive and bus-hold.

  • High drive (±24mA) low-voltage CMOS parts are suitable for heavy loads.
  • Balanced drive low-voltage CMOS parts use internal series resistors to control the rising and falling edges of the output waveforms. Balanced drive provides superior low noise performance by controlling the output edge rate and providing partial series termination of all output signals without sacrificing speed performance. Additional line termination is unnecessary in most applications. The symmetric drive capability will drive a transmission line both high and low with similar edge rates, solving most line balance and termination problems.
  • Bus-Hold low-voltage CMOS parts retain the last active state on a bus when the bus is disabled or has no active driver.


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