The 6116 5V CMOS SRAM is organized as 2K x 8. The 6116 offers a reduced power standby mode.The low-power (LA) version also offers a battery backup data retention capability where the circuit typically consumes only 1μW to 4μW operating off a 2V battery. All inputs and outputs are TTL-compatible. Fully static asynchronous circuitry is used, requiring no clocks or refreshing for operation. Military grade product is available.


  • High-speed access and chip select times – Military: 20/25/35/45/55/70/90/120/150ns (max.) – Industrial: 20/25ns (max.) – Commercial: 15/20/25ns (max.)
  • Low-power consumption
  • Battery backup operation – 2V data retention voltage (LA version only)
  • Produced with advanced CMOS high-performance technology
  • CMOS process virtually eliminates alpha particle soft-error rates
  • Input and output directly TTL-compatible
  • Static operation: no clocks or refresh required
  • Available in ceramic 24-pin DIP, ceramic and plastic 24-pin Thin Dip and 24-pin SOIC packages
  • Military product compliant to MIL-STD-833, Class B




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